SeattleSeq Annotation 150

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annotations for the NCBI gene model will be returned
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Protein-Protein Interactions


Input Annotation File for Table Display

does not yet support VCF-in-VCF-out or one-genotype-per-line


Input One SNV

chromosome (1-22, X, Y):
hg38 genomic location:
first allele (A, C, G, T):
second allele (A, C, G, T):


Input One Indel

(VCF convention)
chromosome (1-22, X, Y):
hg38 genomic location:
reference allele(s):
alternate allele(s):

SeattleSeq Annotation was most recently updated July 27, 2017. The current version is 13.00.
July 27, 2017 -- The dbSNP build is now 150. Variations mapped to hg38 are again required. ... more
other recent -- Exome Aggregation Consortium allele counts have been added.
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